We are joined by WDW host Stacey J Aswad from Disney Must Do and Top 7, We had such a great time talking Disney with her hope you guys enjoy we did.

Today we are joined by Bob Sikon, from It's All In WDW.  We will  have a little fun with his Epcot Best Poll, he sets up four brackets and Dennis and I pick what we think will emerge as the winner   Enjoy!

This week we talk to our  friend Ella about the Disney College program, working at Blizzard Beach and getting married at Walt Disney World enjoy!

We do a new segment called podcast corner where we add our 2 cents to a topic on another podcast that we needed to talk about. Also we have Dennis giving us his fast pass plus selections for his March trip and a little news enjoy!

Dennis is getting ready to go to WDW and a little news!

In this weeks podcast, we talk to local pro fishermen Mike Iaconelli about his foundation to make a pledge to take a child
fishing. Helping children to get out of the house and explore nature.  Our conversation also discusses fishing through out WDW.
For more information on Ike's foundation go to mikeiaconelli.com.

Today we talk about eating breakfast,Lunch and dinner in the Magic Kingdom with only $40, and we talk news from around the world enjoy!


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