We pull up a stool and discuss all of  the latest Walt Disney World News!

We sit at the WDWMainstreet pub and discuss Dennis' upcoming fall trip to Walt Disney World.

We discuss our top 25 picks for the 2015 Food & Wine menus. Then we cover the latest news from around the world.

This show Bob Sikon from It's All In WDW joins me to play a little first thing you think of.

We discuss all the latest news from D23, to the new Toy Story Land, Star Wars Land and everything  else.

We are joined by Bob Sikon from It's All In WDW for round 4 of the draft.

We cover the menu at Fulton's Crab House and discuss the latest news from around the world.

Our buddy Bob from It's All In WDW pulls up a stool to talk food and wine.

We have fun discussing our dream birthday at Walt Disney World.


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