We pull up our stools to discuss the latest news from around the world, then John tells us about his latest trip around world showcase.

We have a little fun playing a Disney game of Love it, Like it or Leave it.

We have John live at the studios, then we cover the latest news from around the world. We also discuss some things we would like to see Disney add to the parks.

We discuss the hidden gem The Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom plus a little snow rant.

We cover all of the Walt Disney World Resorts at the WDWMainStreet Pub and get into the latest news from  around the world.

We sit back and discuss the new dining options at Walt Disney World for 2016!

We review all of the sit down dining options at the Studios.

We are joined by John Peters to discuss what changes we would like to see done to Tom Sawyer Island and a little news.


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