Join the whole gang at the WDWMainStreet Pub as we discuss this week's Walt Disney World news. It's a jam packed show, folks! How does Doug feel about our ongoing Animal Kingdom favorite attraction poll? Did he deliver a pointed lecture to all of us? #rantingmeansratings The Falcons take on the Patriots in next week's Super Bowl. What dignity defying bet do Dennis and Bob make on the game's outcome? Finally, we cover the menus for Planet Hollywood Observatory and Paddlefish in great detail. Which resteraunt catches our interest the most? And what's John doing... having a cold one!

I am joined by Bob and Dennis at the pub for a great discussion on why I think Prime Evil Whirl should not be ranked and why Bob is so down on Dinosaur, Dennis tells us he could watch the silverbacks all day. Pull up a stool and enjoy our show!

John joins me at the pub to give us a day trip report from the Animal Kingdom, then we discuss all of the latest news from around Walt Disney World!

I read two menus from different restaurants, John and Dennis decide which one appeals to their appetite. I will reveal what restaurant each has chosen.

We pull up our stools at the pub to discuss our Sunday news. John gives a review of this years Epcot International Festival of the Arts!

Join the entire gang at the pub as we seed the upcoming WDW parks table service poll! We have crowned champions for each of the four parks, folks. But, which dining venue will become the WDW fan favorite WDW parks Table service? Listen to our kickoff show!

We all pull up our stools to discuss all of the latest news from around Walt Disney World. Bob from our website It's All In WDW fills us in on the menus from this years Epcot Festival of the Arts. What offerings will Bob have on his wish list to try? Sit back, relax and enjoy our show.

Join us at the Pub as Bob, Dennis, John and Doug present their Living List! What Disney related things do they want to do before all is said and done? From easy to accomplish to very lofty aspirations, we cover it all. Sit back relax and listen, folks. This show was a blast to record. It'll be great fun to listen!

We would like to wish all of you a healthy and a happy New Year. We discuss all the latest news from around Walt Disney World.


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