Walt Disney World is reopening on July 11th, fans!  Yahoo!  The guys pull up their bar stools and discuss.  John headed over to Disney Springs.  He gives us an update on their new wellness checkpoints.  What was open?  How did it feel to be back wandering around Disney property?  The guys get deep into some pub talk as they discuss everything else going on around the world!  Please be kind to one another, folks!  Grab yourself a cold one, sit back, relax, and enjoy another great episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast!

Hello and Happy Memorial Day to all of our friends!  Please stay safe.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

So, this week, John and Doug (again!) try to figure out how and when the parks will open!  The guys discuss everything that is open already and will be opening at Disney Springs.  The Tri-Circle-D Ranch is open, and a new baby piglet was born at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

There's all of that, and so much more, fans.  Grab yourself a cold beverage, sit back, relax, and enjoy another exciting show!

Welcome to the WDW Main Street Pub ... where we do social distancing and wash our hands before we serve you!

On this week's Sunday news (and nonsense) show, John and Doug discuss the union announcement that allows Cast Members to return to work.  What does the future look like for Walt Disney World?

Will there be any changes to annual passes?  Will there be annual passes?  Disney Spring is slowly reopening.  With the announcements of more and more stores and restaurants opening, John says he is planning to go.  Do you think that he'll find it crowded?

Grab yourself a cold one, fans.  Sit back, practice good social distancing, wash your hands, relax, and enjoy this jam-packed show!

Hello, everyone!  Welcome back to the WDW Main Street Pub!  We're open for business!

Step on in, friends, and pull up a bar stool.  Join John and Doug in some friendly pub talk.  What's on tap today?  Well, the guys chat about the retired rides and attractions included in an article and bracket displayed by the All Ears website.  Did the guys agree with the brackets and the winners from each park?  How about the overall winner?

Catch it all in this exciting episode, folks.  It's the WDW Main Street Podcast.  Doug and John tell it like it is ... or how it should be!  Listen in!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there that are moms!  John, Bob, and Doug get into a discussion predicting when Walt Disney World will open.  What new rules will be put into place for the safety of the Guests and Cast Members?  Disney Springs is reopening on May 20th.  Will everything be open ... or just some of the restaurants and stores?  Plus, the guys jibber jabber about this, that, and everything else!  Grab a beverage, folks, sit back, relax, another rip-roaring show!

It's a special episode, folks, as Doug is joined by Scott & Jenn from You Tube's Happiest Vlogs On Earth!  They celebrate part of their 4th wedding anniversary at the Main Street Pub ... since they're unable to do so in Walt Disney World!

They fill Doug in on what they would have been doing if they could have celebrated in The World.  Doug also gets them to talk about food, food, and more food!  What are they most excited about of all the new attractions comings to Disney?  Catch the show to find out!

Yes!  Grab yourself a cold one to join in on this entertaining conversation, friends.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this one-of-a-kind edition of the podcast!

Hello, everyone and welcome to another episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast!  Hope all of our wonderful friends are staying safe and sound!

John, Bob, and Doug discuss the safety measures that will be in place when Walt Disney World reopens.  Do the guys agree with the new rules?  Will they be heading down to The World as soon as it opens?

Join them for a whole rundown of the news ... as well as a lot of other pub talk.  Grab yourself a cold one, folks!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


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